Sport fishing

Throughout the year, we offer sport fishing, which requires the will to fish, enjoying the pleasure to sit around in nature and the purchase of a daily license, which  can be bought at the bar. Fishing is possible from 7 am to 9 pm.

Fishing rules:

  • Fishing Nets
  • Barbless hooks
  • Fishing with maize, prgo, tajger
  • Fishing with bread is forbidden
  • When entering the pond area, you have to disinfect your fishing gear (disinfectant is prepared at the entrance to the pond)
  • Fishing according to the principle Catch and Release

In our pond you can find:

  • Sheatfish
  • Carp
  • Pike

Take advantage of a beautiful sunny day to go fishing with your family, and when the children are tired of fishing, they can play in the playground, or go for a walk in the forest and hill. They can feed the deer and fallow deer, which roam freely around you. You and your family can enjoy a delicious lunch in our restaurant, or take your pizza to the pond.

If you would like to organize a fishing competition with prior booking, the cost is the daily license for each angler. After the competition, you can strengthen yourself at the bar.

The pond and the pond terrain is suitable for those who are in a wheelchair. Therefore, you can also organize fishing competitions for all those who are members of fishing clubs and are due to unfortunate situations in life in a wheelchair. Our pond is only for sport fishing. Let me also point out that there are no stairways to our bar that would constitute an obstacle when entering the premises for using toilets, or simply to sit on the patio and walk around the pond.