Picnic area

When the first rays of sun reach Ribičija, the picnic season begins...


We offer three picnic areas. Two picnic areas on the terrace of the restaurant near the pond and children's playground. This picnic area is particularly recommended for those who organize a picnic with a larger number of younger children. If you are not in the mood for grilling and preparing food, or have a larger number of guests we can prepare a picnic with food or food and drink for a great price.

The areas are well suited for union or collective picnics for which we organize games with animation. In the picnic season, we offer special picnic packages for about 25 people. All you have to do is reserve the area, we'll take care of the rest. For these two picnic areas we charge € 5 / 1H. The condition is that you buy our drinks.

You can make your own food since there are three charcoal grills prepared for you. There is no limit to the number of persons.

The picnic area, which is completely separated from the restaurant, is located between the sand volleyball court and the football field with artificial grass.

The picnic area includes

  • Tables for about 70 people (booking for a maximum of 150 people)
  • Charcoal grill
  • Water
  • Wardrobe
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Refrigerator
  • Fire wood

You have to bring:

  • Grilling accessories
  • Charcoal
  • Tableware
  • Plates
  • Glasses

Price list:

  • Rent for picnic area: 8 €/1h
  • The price does not include courts, these require prior booking with the announcement of time (from, to).
  • Football field on artificial grass: 1h/20 €
  • Beach volleyball: 1h/5 €
  • Surcharge for grilling – we grill: 1h/5 €
  • Use of chafing and combustion paste: 1 pcs 2 €
  • Big ice box: 3 €

If you find our offer attractive, please contact us. We will prepare an offer according to your wishes and your event will be perfect. At the weekends, complete your picnic at our bar, with evening live music performed by famous Slovenian and Croatian artists.