For kids

You can celebrate your birthday in the embrace of nature and the genuine contact with animals.

A magical inn awaits that will awake your imagination, deer, rabbits, guinea pigs, chicken, a cock and more are waiting for you. Maybe you will see a dwarf who lives in the woods and shows himself only to the nicest children, or a fish that will grant your wish. Then you can draw a picture of all that you saw and take it home with you or make an animal from a variety of materials.

In addition, when your belly wakes up after all the adventure, we will eat, lite a candle on the cake and celebrate a little at the table. If you are already a little older, you can play outdoors or go for a walk up the hill to see the wonderful view of Maribor from here. For those who would like to turn into cowboys, we also organize horse riding.

Ribičija offers a creative and exciting birthday according to your wishes and in agreement with mommy and daddy. Believe us that you will not forget it. For memory, you can also order a CD   with photos. The latter you can show to your friends, aunts and uncles, and tell them about the great time that you had.

If you would like to celebrate your birthday with us, let mommy and daddy call or write to:  

Then all you have to do is to pick up the invitations to give to your friends and we will see us on the given day.

In the meantime, have a lot of fun and keep smiling!

When something bursts behind nine mountains, and something purls behind nine rivers, when you descend from Meljski hill, it happens ... it is your birthday.

Price list

Price per child 8,00 €

The price includes:

  • 2 hours of entertainment program with an animator
  • Animation program drawn up by the animator according to the child or parent’s wishes and requirements.
  • Food and drink (the children can choose from pizzas, čevapčiči with French fries, nuggets with French fries) for younger children the food is ordered by their parents and the older ones can decide for themselves. Every child gets 0.5 l ice tea. All other drinks for an additional fee.