Our animals

In our park, you can discover the closely freely roaming deer and fallow deer, which will carefully approach hoping that you brought some old dry bread, an apple or some carrots. If you have something to offer, they will elegantly eat a snack from your hands. Deer is not dangerous, but still do not ignore, that you cannot force yourself or irritate the animals. It is better to just observe their elegance from a reasonable distance.

In our park, you can see guinea pigs of all possible colors, which greet you with their whine as you approach them, but if one of them captures your heart, it can go home with you.

You will also meet a couple of silver pheasants, a black dwarf chicken and rabbits; fish that live in the pond and in the aquarium above the bar. Our constant companion is a heron, which does not leave us even in winter, although most herons fly off to warm places. Each spring we greet wild ducks, which hatch their offspring at our ponds. Those who are best observes will find a turtle, which is a real loner, and hides in one of the three ponds.