We're not the only one, but we are certainly one of the few bars with seating capacity for 500 people. Our rooms are divided into:

  • central part
  • mansard
  • gallery
  • club room
  • winter garden
  • covered summer terrace

Thus, we have the ability to satisfy our guests with a seat that suits them best.

Therefore, you can be in the center of the action or moved away devoted to your guests and enjoy dinner in peace. The bar itself has 4 bar counters, 3 toilets that are wheelchair accessible. The access to the area is also wheelchair accessible. Directly in front of the restaurant is a parking lot reserved for disabled. Of course, there are sufficient parking spaces for cars as well as buses. Access to the restaurant is also possible by bus.

The restaurant emits warmth and the feeling of being at home thanks to the wood, which is an integral part of it. Maximum warmth can be felt in winter, when we light one large and one small fireplace, and the fireplace in the wood-fired oven has its own charm.

The walls of the bar tell their own story, because the first were painted by the famous painter from Maribor Gorazd Jordan, the first images were created in 1993. Therefore, you could say that every picture speaks its own story of the year or time in which it was created.

See for yourself, we are here for you every day.