Such a place can be found only a moment from the center of Maribor. As the way takes us up the wine road and while taking a stroll or driving through the vineyards, we can enjoy a view of Maribor and the surrounding area. And suddenly we find ourselves in the Sports Park Ribičija where you can find the splendors of nature. Every member of your family will find something. [Nbsp] In addition, fans of fishing will be able to enjoy sport fishing, while caring for the youngest members of the family becomes redundant because they can play on the playground or observe an unusual animal world, which surrounds them. You will be spoiled with good food and friendly staff. On weekends, do not miss the party with a diversity of performances of musical guests and our house band.

Your Ribičija 20 years with you and for you, since only you can make us better.

Thank you,

The collective Ribičija


Admire the splendors of nature, find peace and quiet in which you can listen to the chirping of birds and one could say, as a writer Tone Partljič in one of his books: "to hear how grass grows!"